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Welcome to Memoryexcursion!

Here is a short description of each page.

Pages that start with “0” are instruction pages

Pages that start with “1” are specific guides for various purposes (memorizing numbers, cards etc.)

I would recommend you to read 0-0 to learn more about how your memory works and how memory training works.

0 How it all started [my first journal entry; has nothing to do with memory]

0-0 About your memory

0-1 Test ½ [skip at will]

test your textual memory (a list of random words)

0-2 Test 2/2 [skip at will]

test your memory’s performance on memorizing: numbers, names and faces, and cards

0-3 Link method [necessary]

basic method

0-4 Mnemonics [necessary]

aid to the link method

0-5 Journey method [recommended]

a slightly more advanced method that can be combined with the link metod

0-5-1 Memory palace [recommended]

detailed information on building and maintaining memory palaces

0-6 Dominic system [for those who are interested]

advanced system for memorizing cards and numbers

0-7 PAO system [for those who are interested]

expansion to the Dominic system

1-1 Numbers

how to memorize a string of arbitrary numbers

1-2 Cards

how to memorize a deck of cards

1-3 Memory Graphs

how to memorize states and capitals

1-3-1 Periodic Table

how to memorize the periodic table (location, elements’ names, atomic number, and atomic masses)

1-4 Poetry

special project on poetry

1-5 Hamlet

special project on monologues from Hamlet

9-0 Memory handbook

a summary of principles and techniques

more tabs and content will be uploaded/updated progressively. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!


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