0-6 Dominic System

The Dominique System is invented by Dominique O’Brien, a British mnemonist who is the eight time world memory champion.

This system is used to memorize numbers; although it is hard to master, it is the most powerful method to memorize numbers.

Under the Dominique System, each digit translates into one letter.

1 – A

2 – B

3 – C

4 – D

5 – E

6 – S

7 – G

8 – H

9 – N

0 – 0


There are 100 permutations (arrangements) of two-digit numbers, from 00 to 99. Using the letter associations, each of these 100 numbers corresponds to two letters. You are to associate these letters to a particular person. (The easiest way is to use them as initials) Make sure you are familiar with these people. By familiar I mean that you have met them or seen them MOVE — this is very important. Once you have 100 people, you are almost ready to do some serious number memorization. You must first make sure that the digit-people associates are ingrained in your brain: upon seeing a string of numbers, you should naturally break it down into groups of two, and be able to visualize their associated people. Similarly, upon seeing a name you should immediately recall the number he/she is associated with. To memorize a list of number, divide it into groups of two. Visualize a familiar memory palace. Now you have two options: you could generate each two-digit number as a separate image (of the associated person) and place it along your memory route, or you could combine several people with an activity or what not, and place these images along your memory route. You could manipulate the appearance, action, or even emotions, of these people however you want — just make sure they are recognizable. To recall a number, simply walk along your memory route, see the faces, remember the names, and recite the digits! It is not so hard after all, is it?

Visit the PAO page for an expansion to the Dominique System.




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