0-3 Link Method

Review the crash course on the Link Method presented in Memory Test: ½



1. Transform the elements into vivid, visual images.

Example: Picture an elaborate, pearl-adorned pillow. Utilize other senses as well: feel its texture; exprience drowsiness; pay attention to details: what fabric is the pillow made of? What color is it? What shape is it? Is it easily crushed? Does it re-inflate quickly?

2. Link every two consecutive images.

Principle II: ridiculous or obscene scenes are usually the most memorable.

Example: Scene one: Arnold Schwarzenegger bicep curling a pillow. See his “Gold’s Gym” beater; see his muscles contracting; hear the grunt; feel the pain. Again, pay attention to details: is he still in shape? What is his mental state? How is he gripping the pillow? Is the pillow deformed? Is it still intact, even? If it is not intact, is the stuffing flying around? What is in the pillow then?

Scene two: Arnold Schwarzenegger dancing ballet in tights. Giggle a little; feel the humor and irony. Is he on his toes? How is he standing? Is he stupified by the spotlight and the size of audience? Is he wearing a mask? Does he having a dancing partner?

3. Make a clear mental image of each scene and move on to the next one.

4. Review everything after the addition of every 3 or 4 links.


Here are two videos that elegantly illustrate the Link Method.




More detailed instructions will be uploaded in the next few days. This method is extremely easy to learn and it is not very powerful — it is useful in only memorizing lists.







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