0-7 PAO System

The PAO system is an extension to the Dominique System. Under the PAO system, each two-digit number (there are 100 of them, 00~99) is associated with a distinct person, action, and object, hence “PAO”. The people are generated according to the number-letter associations introduced in the Dominique System page. The actions and objects are arbitrary: they do not have to directly relate to people. For instance, you do not have to have Tiger Woods swinging a golf club; you could have him crawling like a tiger. Your goal is to find triples of person, action, object that immediately bring to mind the 2-digit number they are associated with. In addition, any of the four elements (number, person, action, object) should immediately bring to mind the remaining three.

To memorize a number, divide it into groups of 6 digits. For each 6-digit number, break it down further into three 2-digit numbers. Use the person association for the first, the action association for the second, and object association for the third. Combine these three images into one; visualize it and place it along a memory route in your memory palace.



1. choose actions that are distinguishable. For instance, do not have Bob Dylan strumming a guitar, have him smashing it into pieces. Do not have Schwarzenegger bicep curling a dumbbell, have him doing a human flag. Do not have Barney Stinson adjusting his tie, have him ripping his suit.

2. do not use any clothing article as objects. If you do, make sure it is noticeable. For instance, do not ever use a tie because any male in your list can be associated with it. Do not ever use heels because any lady in your list can be associated with those. You may use Kira-Knigley-style-fancy-hats, though.

3. use objects that are not too small or too large. Do not associate Clint Eastwood (I am using reference to Gran Torino) with his honorary pin; do not associate him with his gran torino either. Instead, use a stool. (apparently he mocked Obama by talking to an invisible stool at the 2012 Republican Convention; I have yet to watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=933hKyKNPFQ&feature=related)

4. before you try to memorize any number, run through your PAO list until it is ingrained in your brain and that seeing any one element brings to mind the other three becomes your second nature


*how your Dominique list can be used to memorize a deck of cards.

Refer to my “how to memorize a deck of cards” page. Instead of assigning 52 PAOs, each to a different card, you may associate cards with numbers and utilize your Dominique list for numbers to memorize cards. For instance, you could have 01~13 as spades, 21~33 as diamonds, and so on. It is really up to you to decide how you would associate cards with numbers. Again, my “how to memorize a deck of cards” page provides detailed instructions.



Alternative approaches:
Remember the Major System? You could combine the major system and the PAO system!

Using the major system, each two-digit number is translated to several syllables, instead of two letters. Fill in vowels and unassociated letters in between the given sounds and come up with names. You can further this approach by generating actions and objects using the major system as well! Or you may choose to use the Dominique System generate the names, and use the Major System to generate the actions and objects. Do whatever you prefer; these are all established methods.

You can find my Dominique (+PAO) list under the Dominique System page. You can also check out my PAO system for cards on the How to memorize a deck of cards page. Here is a list of reference to help you construct your system:


major system PAO











just names



guide on two digit 3 digit etc, no list


short guide

list of actions


list of initials (very valuable!!!)



some random ones



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